Simply A Writing Service!


“Rite 4 me” offers a simple virtual writing service that will compile the perfect letter on your behalf.


Our “Virtual Letter Writing” service based in County Durham, UK will assist you to answer all your concerns, issues or problems.”

Do you want to write a letter?

Do You need a Virtual Letter Writing service?


• We may prepare a questionnaire to which you can add answers then return to us by e-mail.

• We may perhaps provide an immediate, written solution for you to use.
• You pay us the appropriate fee through “Pay Pal” and the whole document is released for your use.

The Virtual Letter Writing service provides – ‘Simple Solutions’ to ‘Pressing Problems’ Perhaps ‘Mountains’ to “Mole Hills’.


Thus! If you require a letter writing, please use our virtual service so that we may prepare it for you!

Why I created Rite4Me!


It occurred to me that you might not see;
Just why I created this ‘Rite4me’!


So think of your Life, what You have achieved, who You Helped, so far;
Does anyone know the truth, the facts, the Reasons Why, You are who You are?


Some have been hurt, to deeply to reconcile;
Others have been shunned or lost, separated by many a mile.


We listen to the experiences through the power of email, at first;
Your ‘Book of Life’ develops, though the end chapter is not the last!


Once we have the theme devised it is so simple to complete;
You take the prose, add photos if you wish, then employ a ‘printer’ to make it neat.


Talk to us, don’t be afraid, it is All in Confidence;
Leaving a written record of your life makes Absolute; Good Sense!!

Graeme’s Blog


It is 5am as I reflect on the week just passed; Busy at work, Satisfying; Time goes so Fast. One has to reflect, Appreciating the Activity; For that is one’s Life; the memory of a Achievement: ‘The Fee’. Helping to organise and put into to place; Life is An Experience: Never A Race!! Being part ...


For Julie, remembering Her Dad!

Don’t be Sad Julie, for I believe He sees your Reflections; You feel his Strength About You, in all of your Actions. Perhaps His Soul Pervades to Support Your Life; For, You are Never Alone through your Troubles and Strife. I believe there is a Force that Drives You on to Success; Those who have ...


Education 2018

What opportunities abound for Youthful Education Today; We Argue/Complain about paying School Fees, yet Buy Much ‘Equipment’ to Pave the Way. A strange Phenomenon embraces Our World; Particularly Technology as new ‘Apps’ are ‘Daily’, Unfurled. Being a Grandfather of a wee two year old boy; I see technology emphasising the Once Sole effects of, ‘The ...


Rite 4 Me - Simply A Writing Service!

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