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About Us


The principal of this organisation enjoyed a moderate success at school, ( 8 x Northern Counties: 6 x ’O’Levels and 3 x Mock ‘A’ Levels) but has learned much more from the “University of Life”.


Following a career spanning 40> years in Sales, Banking, Finance and Insurance, (23 years as an Advisor), you can be assured that support will be positive although success is not guaranteed.


Success clearly relies mainly upon the conviction and resolve of those involved, perhaps with a percentage of luck!


With an abundant number of years accumulating a great deal of emotional experience you will see from examples that there is power in the correct presentation.


Speaking from the heart is better presented in print.

Those who write for you, feel for you and wish you well!


We are in partnership with Taurus Utility Consultants. http://www.taurusutilityconsultants.co.uk/

If you wish to save money on your gas, electric and utilities, ‘Taurus’ are the ideal Energy Brokers (Domestic through to Industrial).

Their management team provide a free and effective Energy Management Service, saving you valuable time and costs, whilst allowing You to concentrate on Your business needs and growth.

We can provide you with Grooms Speeches, Poem Writing and many more services. Contact us for more details.


Rite 4 Me - Simply A Writing Service!

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