Effective Writing


What should you do?


Sometimes it is hard to hide your feelings, most times you can’t
put them into words.

The heat of the moment the time the place, make the content or presentation absurd.


I would like to think that everyone would wish to live in peace and harmony,
With this in mind please take advantage of my help and smooth a volatile sea.

When words are read repeatedly in the comfort of time, perhaps at home,
Many begin to realise that reconciliation is better than being alone.


Why do we do it, we do not know and perhaps we care even less,
But a letter or verse can often avoid a chasm leaving lives in an awful mess.

E-mail your thoughts and feelings, I will get the gist,
I keep the site anonymous, secrets are safe, I think it best.


You can read the beginning of my work and if you think it’s right,
Just pay the fee, download the lot; put your finishing touches
to that which I write.


My thoughts are with all those that care and those that reap little reward,
My aim, to help to clear the air avoiding the “Damocles Sword”.



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