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Your Story

I was just sitting, just  thinking, as I often do; Just what does Your Family really know about You? Do they know about your Childhood, how you came to be about; Will they understand your hardships? Well I suspect they will know nowt! When I think of all my Grandparents, how One hailed from a ...


The Naughty Elf

During a walk along the ‘River Wear’ bank this morning I was reminded of a Naughty Little Elf. He snapped twigs on trees, swung on branches that cracked with his weight. Kicked the heads of flowers, knocked down fences and stiles. Threw large stones in the river frightening hard working ‘Salmon’ who were on their ...


The Miner’s Art Gallery

It is ‘Open’, in Bishop Auckland’s Market Place, The Miner’s Art Gallery; In the former, Old Bank Chambers, tastefully refurbished, as you will see. A Plethora of Paintings, Sketches and much more; Personal Memories of two Miners, who honed a skill to Paint and Draw. Tom McGuiness and Norman Cornish recorded Experiences of their Lives; ...


I have seen the Future

To learn French, German or Spanish, nor did my wife. I can’t fly a Helicopter or a Plane; I Don’t climb Mountains nor sing sweet refrain. I’m an ordinary Bloke, a Father and a Friend; If it’s Not Broken, I don’t try to mend. Yet I’ve seen the future, yes I have, since I was ...


Requesting payment of a debt

It seems that Friendship is precarious, once money is involved; I loaned you £40,000 so your serious dilemma could be solved. We have been friends for over 40 years and closer even than that; Now you cannot speak to me at all, after the ‘Philippines’ spat. Perhaps it was the excuse you needed to distance ...


The Pebble

Take a pebble in your hand and throw it deep into a lake; As ripples spread far and wide, count how long to shore, they take. Those tiny waves may reach afar yet they have little depth; Without strong wind to drive them on they disappear like a fading breath. Imagine, that pebble is a ...


Sounds Of Comfort And Fear

Sounds of Comfort and Fear! . The Wind blows, Seas Roar, midst local Gulls cry; Sounds that comfort, not disturb; what is the reason why? A deep Waterfall near a working Mill; Allows restful slumber, more so than if still. Yet a creaking door or stair step, can cause a mortal fear; Branches lashing on ...


Strangers Passing

    Strangers Passing Where are you going when you pass me by? In Bangladesh, New Guinea or perhaps Dubai. You don’t know me, I don’t know you; Yet we have so much in common; Yes,  it’s very true. Few smile when they’re walking, keeping their own Counsel it seems; Intent on their purpose, perhaps ...


Much To Be Thankful For

There is much to be thankful for in England, perhaps in Scotland too; So much to hear, see, smell, touch, feel; all to hand for more than a few. The smooth rolling hills flanked by trees of deep and luscious, green; A plethora of Birds and Animals to complete the Rural Scene. For those in ...



Observations   I’m ostensibly shy yet most would ask: You Sure? As my life has unfurled, I’ve felt self confidence mature.   Yet easily ‘floored’ by a rebuff or reaction; There’s clearly ‘a signal’ that accompanies  levels of attraction.   Recently a light hearted approach I made was met with disdain; Not put off by ...


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