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What opportunities abound for Youthful Education Today;
We Argue/Complain about paying School Fees, yet Buy Much ‘Equipment’ to Pave the Way.

A strange Phenomenon embraces Our World;
Particularly Technology as new ‘Apps’ are ‘Daily’, Unfurled.

Being a Grandfather of a wee two year old boy;
I see technology emphasising the Once Sole effects of, ‘The Toy’!

We can take him to ‘Farms’ and let him touch smell and see;
More than was available, years ago, for the likes of me.

Information, now on tap, like learning an additional  language;
We must Encourage, Support and Make Use of that which is ‘All The Rage’!

As a person I was clearly lazy, No French or German, whilst unlike the Welsh or Scot;
No secondary Dialect, our Saxon Heritage, now, mainly Forgot!

I welcome this new Learning mode that sweeps through the Planet’s Core;
For it seems, to almost every Individual, Self Teaching can be at their ‘Fore’!

Of course there is Good and Bad to sieve through, with Indoctrination Rife;
However, Every Individual is More Free to Make ‘Their Decisions’: ‘It’s Their Life’!!

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