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To learn French, German or Spanish, nor did my wife.

I can’t fly a Helicopter or a Plane;
I Don’t climb Mountains nor sing sweet refrain.

I’m an ordinary Bloke, a Father and a Friend;
If it’s Not Broken, I don’t try to mend.

Yet I’ve seen the future, yes I have, since I was born;
As my life has unfurled I have seen the World torn.

I can walk, see and write, I have imagination and a voice;
I have relative freedom, can object; I have a choice.

You too may have these gifts in varying forms, as most can happily walk upon this World;
Like me, be thankful for your Life, as your unknown future is daily unfurled.

Waking up every morning is a Great Start to the Day;
Value the time that you have as you Work, Rest and Play.

A Child enters this Enchanting World prepared to be engaged;
Our job is to protect and teach, not place them where War is Raged!

In the words of the song, ‘Regrets, I have a few’;
But with the right inclination, I have plenty more to do… Just Like You!


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