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Why am I Not Famous? perhaps I already am!
Maybe it is that most people,  just really don’t give a Damn!

Take Grammar… Well clearly Someone may be; for it is Disappearing from our World;
Some atrocious sentences in the Media, see descriptions quite ‘Guttural’, Unfurled!

Spelling correctly is often absent, yet ‘Spellcheck’ is in the hands of Many;
Whilst ‘Punctuation’ is almost a ‘Thing’ of the past, for more often, there isn’t Any!!

I write letters of ‘Effect’, for those who wish to make a particular ‘Mark’;
As not everyone can compose with ‘Impact’  to make their Communication ‘Talk’.

Yet in our Fast Moving Society, it is Important to Stand Out;
There is a Skill to ‘Writing’ and though one can’t: It Don’t Mean ÝOU Kno NOWT!

Of course, I like my Poetry; well, someone has to, surely;
I should be Famous, as it is rather Good, although that may be My Opinion: Purely!!

We owe it to ourselves, you know, for everyone can see;
That this Country provides Great Education,
for the likes of You and Me!

If you present an effective letter, perhaps personally rather than through the door;
You Will have More Chance of Being Successful; the Recipient, learning More.

MORE about Your Smart Appearance: Your Demeanor: Your Hunger to Impress;
The Men, Clean Shaven and Dapper: The Girls in Attractive Dress!

Why Do I Use Capital Letters, where none should Really Be;
The Answer is: Essential ‘IMPACT’, for I Wish To Be FAMOUS; ME!!

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